Question: What Does Big Brain Mean In Slang?

Where we can use huge?

Used with nouns: “They have a huge advantage in this game.” “The search is covering a huge area.” “The show was held in a huge auditorium.” “He’s a huge believer of fate.”.

What does it mean when a girl says she wants to give you brain?

Definitions include: To perform oral sex.

Is Big Brain an insult?

The term “Big Brain” is considered a compliment for being smart. The term “Small Brain” is considered an insult for being dumb.

Who has the biggest brain in the world?

sperm whaleThe sperm whale has the largest brain in the world. Incredibly, the sperm whale has a brain that weighs around 18 pounds.

What does galaxy brain mean?

(Internet slang, often sarcastic) Enigmatic, perplexing, unfathomable; difficult to understand or comprehend.

How do you use huge?

1 Answer. Huge is bigger than big: huge means very big. But huge can sometimes be used ‘politely’ just to mean big. He made a huge difference …

Who created big brain?

BigBrain is a freely accessible high-resolution 3D digital atlas of the human brain, released in June 2013 by a team of researchers at the Montreal Neurological Institute and the German Forschungszentrum Jülich and is part of the European Human Brain Project.

What’s another word for huge impact?

What is another word for huge impact?almighty smashgreat crashpowerful impactserious collision

What does giving a girl brain mean?

Brain means oral sex. To be giving brain means to be giving head.

What does a brain emoji mean?

Brain emoji is an image of a pink cartoon inspired Brain. Our brains are vital since we need them to, well, think and live. Some people are smarter than others, but that should not be the judge of a person’s character. If you are book smart though and heading for high degrees, this emoji will become your friend.

What does Big Brain mean meme?

About. A funny scene taken from an online YouTube video entitled ‘Baldi’s Basics 1 Year Birthday Bash’ inspired a wave of memes being labeled “Yeah, This Is Big Brain Time”. The memes are being used as an exaggerated sign of intelligence or genius thought.

What does huge mean in slang?

Slang. very important, successful, popular, etc.: The show is huge in Britain.

Does human brain size affect intelligence?

In healthy volunteers, total brain volume weakly correlates with intelligence, with a correlation value between 0.3 and 0.4 out of a possible 1.0. … Thus, on average, a bigger brain is associated with somewhat higher intelligence.

What does brain mean in slang?

The MTA is banning ads that promote oral sex via street slang. Clothier Akademiks had ads running on MTA buses that said, “Read Books, Get Brain.” Yet it turns out that “Get brain” means “Get oral sex.” Kids today! The Daily News spoke with the ad designer, Anthony Harrison, who said, “We knew this.