Question: What Does MEH Mean?

What does MEH mean urban dictionary?

“Meh” has yet to enter a major dictionary, but it’s listed in the user-edited Wiktionary ( as expressing “I don’t know (the verbal equivalent of a shrug of the shoulders)” or “I don’t care,” and in the Urban Dictionary ( as expressing “indifference; to be used when one ….

What is a meh Emoji?

😕 Confused Face Emoji Meaning A yellow face with open eyes and a skewed frown, as if scrunching its cheeks or chewing its lips.

How do you use meh in a sentence?

The first song or two was meh, but they were on fire after that. The voice is excellent as always, but the overall effect was meh until the end, where he became a little bit awesome. Meh, the snake show was way more exciting than the reptile exhibition, a display of motionless, sleeping snakes.

Is Meh a word?

The term “meh,” defined as “an expression of indifference or boredom,” entered the Collins English Dictionary in 2008. … The definitions as an interjection meaning “be it as it may” and an adjective meaning “so-so” track fairly closely to current uses of meh.

What is the opposite of meh?

Adjective. Opposite of not very high quality. excellent. exceptional.

What does MEH mean in a text?

Who caresWho cares, whatever. A sound used to express indifference or apathy. Instead of responding with a “yes” or a “no”, “meh” portrays indifference to the question. It is text message shorthand used in online chat, IM, e-mail, blogs, or newsgroup postings, and it is usually spelled in all lowercase.

Is meh rude?

Meh is designed to be rude and dismissive – a sure-fire conversation-stopper. Users of the word are unequivocal in their total indifference to what is being discussed.

What is another word for meh?

What is another word for meh?mediocreindifferentsecond-rateaveragecommonplacepassablecommoninferiormediumrun-of-the-mill203 more rows