Question: What’S Growing On My Live Rock?

Can you put salt water rocks in a freshwater tank?

calcerous rocks from salty waters are not suitable for freshwater tanks); and (3) if you take proper steps to disinfect and prepare them for tank use.

In fact, nothing is healthier and better than nature..

How do I get rid of hitchhikers on live rock?

Read all about live rock hitchhikers here. The method they provide to remove those pests from the live rock is to submerge the rock in a bucket of saltwater. The rock has been out of water for some time–the inverts inside it are pretty spooked.

Does Live Rock need light?

Live rock doesn’t need lighting unless you want to retain the color. The bacteria on the rock and the critters that live inside don’t require any lights.

Does Live Rock need a heater?

The rock will still cycle and function as a biofilter, but you don’t know what cool hitchikers you have living on the rock that need to stay warm.

Does live rock raise pH?

Yes. If your rocks are actually limestone, they are the cause for the pH elevation in your aquarium water.

Can you bring live rock back to life?

The short answer is No, not all Live Rock needs to be cured. … The more scientific approach is to place your new live rocks in a container of salt water for 12-24 hours then test for ammonia, if ammonia is high your rocks will need to be cured.

How do you treat live rock?

Live Rock Acclimation and Curing GuidePlace the live rock in a new 30-gallon plastic garbage can. … Completely cover the rock with freshly mixed saltwater, with a specific gravity of 1.021 – 1.025.Use a heater and keep the water temperature near 80 degrees to speed die off.Provide constant water movement with a power head or airstone.More items…

How long can live rock stay out of water?

Bottom line is that stuff out of water starts to die straight away, bacteria for instance. Not only should you not keep them in water, but make sure to keep them in a bucket for no less than 1 day.

Should I clean my live rock?

Yes it will. IMO , if you’re just scrubbing your rock and want to keep it live , (transfer, spring cleaning etc),use old tank water. I’ve done that a lot. If it’s really nasty add some peroxide to the scrub water.

What is the white stuff growing on my live rock?

White Coralline The thick white stuff is dead Coralline Algae. with the right parameters it will grow back, no worries. It was dull and on some of the rock. It is now growing quickly, spreading, very white.

Why does coralline algae turn white?

Sudden Changes in Lighting Conditions Can Cause Coralline Algae to Turn White. … Typically salinity, temperature, pH, alkalinity, nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, phosphate, and other such water parameter info is shared, but lighting conditions are usually excluded from the equation.

What rocks are good for aquariums?

The 10 Best Rocks For Freshwater AquariumOhko Dragon Stone Rock – Great Rocks for Planted Tanks. … Black Mountain Seiryu Stone – Best Value In Unique Looking Rocks. … Black Lava Rock – A Great Budget Aquascaping Rock. … Traditional Seiryu Rock – The Aquascaper’s Choice. … BucePlant WYSIWYG Stones – For the Pro Aquascapers.More items…•

Can I use ocean rock in a tropical tank?

The key to ocean rock being the rock of choice for these types of aquariums is down to its crevices and holes which allow smaller fish and fry to hide away and have a safe haven away from the hustle and bustle that may be in the rest of the tank. …

How do you know if Live rock is alive?

You best test is to check water parameters. if you have enough LR (alot of people say 1lbs to 1 gal, maybe a litle more) with ‘live’ on it then your copmpunds above should be close zero. There might be some die-off on the live in liverock when adding it even if it is already cured.

Can you put live rock in freshwater?

Live rock in a freshwater tank serves the exact same purpose as it does in a saltwater tank.